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Ukraine Gives World a Chance. Part 3

This is the third part of my review, “Ukraine Gives World a Chance.” In the second part, we discussed the “imperial slave and master” mentality of people in Russia. In this part, there is an explanation of which type of war Russia started against Ukraine.

Nine Centuries of Russia and the West

For a long time, the collective West did not understand that the Russian empire differed from “normal” colonial empires. The West did not understand the fundamental importance of mentality in people’s affairs. The West considered Russia as a “normal” partner in international relations. 

Colonial empires had an imperial center and colonies. The colonies were typically overseas. People in the imperial center and their masters in colonies had an imperial master mentality. They understood that they were cogs in the imperial power machine, but they were proud cogs and faithful conductors of the empire policy. At the same time, colonies were distanced from the imperial centers, had an imperial slave’s mentality, and tried to get out of their slavery status and become free.

Russian empire is different

The Tatar-Mongol khanate, and Russia as a part of it, was different. It was contiguous in space. Also, that empire machine delegated some imperial master’s functions to some people in the conquered population, specifically to those ready to suppress and kill their own or other people in the name of the empire. We saw it in 1327 AD when Tatar-Mongol Khanate granted Ivan I of Moscow the title of Grand Prince. Over time the population of such an empire became a carrier of this strange alloyed mentality – the “imperial slave and master” mentality. Such a mentality is not equal to either imperial master or imperial slave mentality. The majority of the West analytics and decision-makers did not get it yet.

It is also important to point out that the West did not understand Russia was a continuation of the Tatar-Mongol Khanate in a transformed form.

Many people in Russia and the West say that the problem is just Putin, not Russia. That is a very narrow view. For Russians, it is an excuse not to be blamed for anything. For the West, it is an excuse to do just half-measures and an excuse for the previous misunderstanding of Russia and related West behavior.

Crusades and Religious Wars are about Sacred Interest

We understand here what Russia is and that the West misunderstood Russia. We could look into which kind of war is going on in Ukraine. We need, at least, shortly look at a classification of wars.

There are many different classifications of wars, but very few of them consider the mentality of entities engaged in this war. Recently Pavel Shchelin, an expert at Ukrainian Institute for the Future, published results of his work in this area during the last ten years [7].

“The classification of war types is based on two parameters. The first question is: who is the war being waged against? The second question is: what is the war around (what is the subject of the conflict)?” According to Pavel Shchelin, there are four types of wars.

Crusaders attack the tower of Damietta during the siege of Damietta in a painting by Cornelis Claesz van Wieringen – Image credit: This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or fewer. (PD-1627)

The 1st and 2nd types are wars around a material interest. The 3rd and 4th types of war happen when “is a clash between different systems of meanings around sacred issues.”

The most terrible types of war

The 3rd and 4th type of war is an “ultimate war, because it is a war without rules, the war in which no compromise is possible. A war in which violence has no rational limit is a war to the last subject carrier of identity, a total war, a mass war. There is no political goal to which violence is proportionate in the war of the Crusade.”

The 3rd type of war is “a war like the Crusade.” In such a war, “the idea that the event of the Other or Our coexistence was previously consolidated must die. According to the war results, one symbolic system should disappear, and the population, which constituted its material reason, should be absorbed into another community.”

“The last and most terrible type of war in its consequences: a civil war over foreign policy. Religious War. Its examples are wars between sects within Christianity Civil and World Wars of the XX century. Just like the wars of the third type are wars without rules, they are total wars to the last man. These are wars with the most unlimited violence since the Other in it is not just a stranger but a heretic – the one who was Us but betrayed Our Truth. I repeat – this is the most terrible type of conflict.”

The burning of the pantheistic Amalrician heretics in 1210, in the presence of King Philip II Augustus. In the background is the Gibbet of Montfaucon and, anachronistically, the Grosse Tour of the Temple. Illumination from the Grandes Chroniques de France, c. AD 1455–1460. – Image credit: This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or fewer. (PD-1460)

Russian war against Ukraine

From there is a type 4 war. An internal civil conflict against Heretics – Ukrainians who dared to change the faith of the Russian World, as he understands it, and must be returned to it by force. ” “From Ukraine’s point of view, the third type of war is taking place – a defensive Crusade, primarily against Putin’s Russia.”  

“On the part of the USA, … and Turkey, there is a conflict of the first type – around material interests with the Outer Barbarian.” “On the part of the European Union, there is a conflict of the second type – a civil war with the former part of Europe, which suddenly began to behave, breaking all reasonable principles and rules. Therefore, this part must be stopped.”

Since 1327 AD, in all wars in which Russia participated, for Russia, those wars were Crusade or Religious wars. If for the USA, Turkey, European Union, the war in Ukraine against Russia is not a defensive Crusade war against Russia – then the West could be losing, maybe not now, but later. Anybody, who is engaged in the war with Russia, should understand it and behave accordingly.

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7. Павел Щелин, Теория Войны: Почему Путин ведет два самых разрушительных типа войны против Украины, March 22, 2022, – in Russian – [Theory of War: Why Putin is waging two of the most destructive types of war against Ukraine]

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