"Subsurface History of Humanity"

Introduction to “Direction of History”

My book (“Subsurface History of Humanity: Direction of History” by Victor Torvich) is available as a paperback, Kindle book, and audiobook on Amazonand as an audiobook on Audible and iTunes. The audiobook comes with a supplemental digital booklet. The book is for readers with 7th grade or higher education. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED if the world is moving in the right direction? Or if it is moving in any direction at all?

     Humankind’s history is like a boundless ocean of events. I wanted to find out if there was a subsurface current of the history of humanity. Do you remember the famous Gulf Stream current? This book is about my journey to finding such subsurface current in history.

     On the way to that hidden path, I had to clean up the forest of events in humankind’s history. For that reason, I had to put aside social structures, political, economic, and similar considerations. That means we will not look at empires, revolutions, or similar events, as those events belong to a conventional history. I want to look deep below it. 

     Let me be open from the very beginning. I wanted to find the objective direction humanity was running to, as I did not see it anywhere in books on history or anywhere else. I figured how to find it out. You need to apply precise science methods to the whole history of humanity. The output is in this book. Many other conclusions are in this book as well. 

     Still, we need initially to clear up some knowledge about humankind, humans, and history timeframe. Those pages may not be captivating. 

     This book is not about archaeology or paleontology. The ancient civilizations are not the focus of this book either. You will not see here discussions from moral, happiness, or progress standpoints. 

     Instead, my models of humanity are based on a theory of complex systems. References to my academic papers in complex system journal, which are dedicated to the history of humankind, are in Notes in this book.

     I will tell you what I have found and why that find is a foundation for people’s actions throughout the entire history of humankind. 

     My version of the brief history of humanity is in Table 1 of the book. It is not hidden in the middle of the book. You can look it up right now and decide for yourself if you want to get more information. If you do, then you will be able to find answers to some questions you may have.

     This history of humanity looks strange. Is the author sure? Can you be sure that it is not fiction?

     Is there a direction in the development of humanity? Where and how fast is it going? Which forces are driving it? Why are the last twelve thousand years a very generous gift from nature to humans? Why do humans rule the Earth?  

     You will get answers to those questions about our past and present. What about the future? That we will discuss in the last chapter of the book. Can we expect to move along the found direction as we do now? Or is humankind close to a crossroads in its development? This book will provide answers to those questions too.

     Let us start the journey now.

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