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What Is the Direction of History?


Did you ever wonder if a world is moving in the right direction? Or is it moving in any direction at all? In “Subsurface History of Humanity: Direction of History” book I uncovered the direction of mankind, in which humanity is running. For my book “Subsurface History of Humanity: Direction of History” – go to amazon marketplaces (paperback, Kindle book, and audiobook), and for the audiobook – go to Audible or iTunes. The audiobook comes with a supplemental digital booklet.


Is it worth reading?
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The Essence of The Book

In Subsurface History of Humanity, Victor Torvich briefly reviews mankind’s history for the last 44 thousand years. The book will help you to make sense of the history of humankind.

     Victor Torvich found the objective direction of the development of humanity. That direction is not related to subjective terms like purpose, destiny, meaning, happiness, higher morale, or alike.

     Victor Torvich specializes in the complex system of humanity. Insights from his academic papers on this topic helped him to find out where mankind is headed.

     Torvich further reveals the answers to the following big questions. How fast humankind is moving in the found direction? Is that move controllable by humans? Why do humans rule the Earth? Which force is driving humanity’s development?

     The book concludes with a discussion of which circumstances could lead us off the uncovered course.

Humans se up the course for the whole planet
Full Disk Earth, Apollo 17, 1972 from Unsplash/The New York Public Library

Is It for You or Not?

Please decide for yourself. The table of contents below allows you to look inside the book.



Part 1: How to Look Below the Surface

Time Frame of Mankind’s History

Is Humanity about Humans?

Behavioral Modernity

Definition of Mankind History

Humankind as a Complex System

Multi-Layer History

On Which Layer are Hard Facts?

Part 2: Under the Surface

Criteria for Resources

My Approach

Big and Great

Part 3: Mankind Development

The Direction of Mankind Development

Mankind History in One Graph

Big Q&A 1: What Is the Direction of Mankind’s Development

Big Q&A 2: How Fast Mankind Is Moving?

Big Q&A 3: Why Humans Rule the Earth?

Second Gift from Nature

Big Q&A 4: Which Force is Driving Mankind’s Development?

Part 4: Mankind Creativity Unleashed

The Objectivity of Our Model

Which “European Miracle”?

Novel Mental Images, Art and Music

Man-made Materials and Domestication of Plants and Animals

Part 5: Going Faster

From Slaves to Machines

Text and Trade

War and Information Processing

Education and Trans-national Entities

Communication Channels and Forces of Nature

Part 6: Turbo Mode

From Mass Damage to Mass Production

Mass Media and Beyond Human Senses

Scientific Method and Natural Resources

Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Part 7: Looking Ahead

Knew, Know, Want to Know

Three More Known Unknowns

Known Unknowns Overview


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I'm the author of the book “Subsurface History of Humanity: Direction of History”. It is available on Amazon marketplaces and on

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Hi Victor, I would be delighted to review your book. I have a keen interest in both modelling social systems and the modelling of non-linear systems with a PhD on the topic related modelling responsibility using network science.

If it’s of mutual interest you’re welcome to reach out to me.

Best wishes,

Dr David Greenwood

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