“History of Humanity”

Introduction to “Direction of History”

My book (“Subsurface History of Humanity: Direction of History” by Victor Torvich) is available as a paperback, Kindle book, and audiobook on Amazon, and as an audiobook on Audible and iTunes. The audiobook comes with a supplemental digital booklet. The book is for readers with 7th grade or higher education. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED if the world is moving in the […]

First Readers’ Reviews Of My Book

. Do you want to know if humanity’s development has any direction? The answer is in my book. My book is nonfiction history. First readers’ reviews are started to come in. Below are quotes from five reviews. An Interesting Take On Humanity’s Timeline This book takes on an incredibly challenging task, making us aware of […]

History of Humanity through Genomics

. The impact of genomics on the study of humankind’s history is both revolutionary and massive. Genomics history of humanity, as a separate scientific field, probably not exists yet. Well, it is coming. It would be a rich, distinctive, and fast-developing area. Let us look briefly at the landscape of that field. The Very Short […]

Making Sense of History of Humanity

. Over 200,000 a day! According to the Ubersuggest site, that is the number of daily visits to history.com in a search with the word “history”. That site is the top history site on the planet. An appetite for history knowledge is high. What is the history of humanity? Is it just a description or visual […]